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Cosmic Cowboys

Venice, Italy


Abstract Theory, Akbal Music, Back And Forth
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“Cosmic Cowboys” is a project born from the different styles of two young venetian artists: Nicola Sansoni aka Randomatique and Kaled Jabari aka Kaledj. Big friends since they were 10 years old, they got involved into electronic music since they were 15. Influenced at first by artists as Ian Pooley, Dj Deep, Chicken Lips, Frankie Knucles and then by names as Minilogue, Ripperton, Trentemoller, Martin Buttrich and Royksopp they developed a style that couldn’t be defined with other term than “cosmic”, edging between deep-house, dub and tech-house with their quintessential romantic touch, always able to create a special intensity in their music.

After some years playing and creating music together in 2005 Nico got more into an idm and minimal-techno sound with his solo project “Randomatique” while Kaled was getting deep into vocal house, chill-out and lounge music hosting also of his own radio show called “Wellness Time”. in 2007, they made a track together to experiment a mix of their musical attitudes, starting again their collaboration and working under the moniker of “Cosmic Cowboys”, thinking about their sound as “the romantic side of techno”.

Their first EP \“Rent a Starship\” was released in december 2008 on the prestigious german label Ostwind Records being reviewed also on the spanish Deejay Magazine as one of the best records of the year. 2009 was the time for the 23 years old Nico and Kaled to make more steps with releases as the “Dusk EP” on Kollektiv Turmstrasse\’s imprint “Musik Gewinnt Freunde” together with singles and remixes for important labels as Resopal, Trenton, and Ostwind LTD among the others. 2010 has been the year which they got a real international popularity with works for labels as Traum Schallplatten, Katchuli, Plastic City, Time Has Changed, ProgCity Deep, Galaktika, Pour Le Mérite and again on Ostwind, Trenton and MGF, appearing also on the Cocoon Compilation with their side project “Reisak Corporation”. Together with these releases Kaled and Nico realized also many tracks for their own label “Kina Music” ,created together with their friends Re-UP, a projects that started in November 2008 with the target of becoming a platform to collaborate with their friends and that is getting the attention of music lovers and djs from all over the world. In 2010 is scheduled the launch of their new label “Back And Forth” that involves some of the best new talents of the world house scene.

Beside the productions also their popularity as djs and live performers grew up thanks to their party “Origami” and to their performances in many clubs and events in Italy and in other european countries as Germany, Russia, Greece, England, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland with their groovy sound behind the turntables and with their breathtaking harmonies while live performing.