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Brasov, Romania

House, Techno

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► C☮5M is an EDM player from Brasov . Started to mix in Transylvania at parties some groovy , warm and positive sounds ; combining and holding on to continuously sharp waves , fit for timelessness and the current demands of the underground dancefloor society ; with a deep passion for art..

The tunes are creating a wide range of beautiful soundscapes and sweet Immersion environments..He takes in influence on many different levels and incorporates this into his DJ sets by forging a perfect balance of Electronica, Cosmic Disco, House and Techno.

Also involved into organization ‘cmd’ creating and hosting outdoor parties. The beauty of the beat is that u’ll have a great spiritual time on his music sets at parties. Majestic synth arpeggios, dreamy melodies, vibrant effects and powerful rhythms are the ingredients which are an essential part of the sound mixed by✫

It’s time to warm up the machines and prepare for what promises to be an interesting sonic ride.★

for bookings send me a mail at [email protected]