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I grew up the youngest of 4. My brothers were ten and twelve years older than me.

Looking back I was really lucky. one was well into the electronic sound,New Order and the growing Manchester sound of the time

.Joy Division were a fixture, later New Order, but also stuff like Eurythmics, The Cocteau Twins,Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie , The Smiths, Toyah, Prince. I remember we used to listen to the Kate Bush Hounds of Love album a lot when it came out.. I was 7 at the time. I still love that album to this day. I also distinctly remember hearing the Depeche Mode album Violator and feeling something pound in my chest. it was my heart of course.

Fleetwood Macs “Tango in the Night” was a family favourite on road trips..

My other brother had me pogoing to the Sex Pistols at 6, and as a kid our bedroom had Jonny Lydon and Sid Vicious on the walls.He was a huge Bowie fan, and introduced me to Ziggy Stardust who was an alien in my childhood eyes. I loved singing starman.He loved Queen and Freddy Mercury also. Im really glad of that..

So that was my base I guess, I loved the escape and effect of music on our household and left to my own navigation I veered towards the pop icons, . I was 10 in 88 and loved Madonna, Prince Michael Jackson and later 90’s’ pop ,Technotronic and Marrs. This later balanced out with The Cure, The Cult and some mad chester Stone Roses , Happy Mondays & Primal Scream. I had The Cures “Disintegration” on repeat through many of my teenage years.

All of it combined has shaped me, I still like stuff with a start middle and end to it. Looking at them now there’s such an undeniable sense of drama running through it all.All of it influences me when it comes to making music, whether its producing or writing or singing.

I think the first record I ever bought was Black Box ride on time.

I started clubbing young and I haven’t stopped since I guess.

At the time Northern Ireland was a lot more stifled than it is now and my friends and I connected whole heartedly to the openness and freedom in clubbing and dancing.

“Only when Im dancing can I feel this free..”

I am for sure a DJ who dances.

There was a club in my town called Circus Circus.. It was illegal , so they weren’t too tight on age policies. I was there every week ravin, dancing.." Alright Mate?" What you had? You up yet?..In my opinion clubbing really brought Northern Ireland together in a way that it hadnt been before..

Music, Clubs they can heal for sure..

I loved Altern8, the KLF the Orb,The Shaker, MARRS, Aphex Twin.. I still do .

I moved to London in June 1998 and lived for the weekend. My mates and I were proper club kids of the time.. dressing up and raving all night at Trade, Warriors , Heaven every week.I liked the harder stuff, but also loved Fat Tonys light lounge house sets..

When the London electro scene took of in 2001 it really struck a chord with me. Not surprisingly looking at my influences..Id played around before on decks but I decided then to take a chance and get spinning for real. Dave Clarkes World Service 1 was a stand out release at the time. It really meant something to me to play with him recently at fabric.

I love DJing. Ive learnt so much about myself and life, outside of just how to mix and play records. Im still a student in many ways, even if some think of the DJ as the teacher, maybe so, but I think you have to keep learning to teach well..I work hard at what i do. I play anything that makes me move, can be house, techno, electro , I try not to class it in genres, as so much sounds good together.

Music doesn’t need limits.

Cormac is weekly resident at WetYourSelf every Sunday @ fabric