Top 25k on The DJ List


Durban, South Africa

Psy-Trance, Techno


And So It All Began…

ControverC had her first taste of mixing in 2005 which was borne out of pure curiosity – the concept of using vinyls to mix two tunes into one another without so much as a single pronounced beat betraying the act, intrigued and fascinated her and thus – the hunger was awakened.

With friends by her side providing her with answers to the numerous questions and suggestions to overcoming the occasional obstacles, her hunger was slowly but surely being satisfied with time but, once learning the basics of mixing, she only dappled from time to time but never really committing as it was viewed as nothing more than a fun social activity to be indulged in as and when the urge struck. Her interests were invested in exploring the vast world of Dance Music and the many a deLicious genres thereof.

She moved back to her hometown, Durban, in 2008 and ceased to mix and explore the Dance Music World completely. After roughly 10-months she opened her home to the Connectek crew who had a gig scheduled that weekend at Traxx and she went along for a long overdue party-expedition. That evening she realised the full extent of what she was missing… What she had so thoughtlessly and carelessly thrown to one side… What her soul was crying for…

That same weekend she happened to meet the man that would, ultimately, have the greatest of impacts on her life and he inspired her – he awoke the hunger that was so deeply buried. Not long after this she packed her bags and was back in Johannesburg, back in the place that provided her soul with what it so desperately craved – Unbiased, Unrelenting, Untainted, Underground Dance Music… She was home.

After exploring the Underground Music scene and familiarising herself with the ever-so-constant progression thereof, her hunger was teased and provoked by what she heard and this primal, raw, undiluted hunger would not be satisfied by just hearing the music – it wanted more. It wanted to command and conquer that which was teasing it so. And it would be satisfied with nothing less.

With her significant other by her side, providing her with never-ending support and endless inspiration (just watching the music flow through him, an instrument completely succumbed, yet commanding, his gift was inspiration beyond imagining), she started applying herself to mixing again but this time was feverish hunger.

She took the plunge and invested in her own equipment – now that her mind was set, the occasional opportunity to play just was not enough. And so the wonderful journey began in full and with praises from her significant other and the opportunity given by Bennie Koorts from Red Eye Productions, she finally performed her first gig and was welcomed into the Red Eye family with warm and open arms.

From here… Well, from strength to strength she strives to deliver only the best the hungry crowds deserve…