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Contraband: Growing up in a smaller city, Mathew Jones and Sven Erickson initial musical influences were metal bands like Pantera, White Zombie, Slayer and NIN along with rap artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop, Biggie, etc. But when the emerging “rave” scene came along, they were exposed to real electronic music and by that means drum and bass. The gravitation towards dnb was not that big of a stretch with its fast paced tempo, menacing synth and bass lines having the elements of heavy metal. Always wanting dirtier, heavier tracks artists like Dillinja, Bad Company, and Calyx were making ones that were heavy but still had melodies and rhythm. Djing at local parties, Contraband opened for the likes of Freaky Flow and Manos One. Since then many artists across many genres have been influences like Subfocus, Noisia, Pendulum, Z trip, Krafty Kuts, Fort Knox Five and NAPT to name a few. Just over a year ago, Sven moved to Calgary reuniting the team and letting work begin on what would become their first DNB realease on RFR label. The BOOM ep let people know who they are and the kind of music they produce. Playing regularly at Soda Night Gallery, Contraband’s new live dj set has set the pace with an artillery of live destruction. Constantly striving to make every release better than the last