M-Toxin Recordings Releases: "Radio MT" - DJ Clueless & Seth Vogt "HouseFlyz" - Seth Vogt & Constantine "Island Hopper" - Ian & Constantine "Trans Am" - Alex G (DJ Clue... read more
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M-Toxin Recordings Releases:

“Radio MT” – DJ Clueless & Seth Vogt

“HouseFlyz” – Seth Vogt & Constantine

“Island Hopper” – Ian & Constantine

“Trans Am” – Alex G (DJ Clueless’s Sledgehammer Remix)

“Electroshock Treatment” – Alex Sabre & Kevin Keith (DJ Clueless remix)

“Habanero” – Constantine & Anthony Hernandez..

“Monk Rotation” – Constantine Caravelis

“On Your Own” Seth Vogt ft. Goldillox(Constantine Caravelis remix)

“Cellophane” Seth Vogt ft. Goldillox (Constantine Caravelis remix)

“Sani” – HouseFlyz (Constantine’s Aegean Mix)

“3rd Rail” – Mook Manuva (Constantine Caravelis Remix)

DJ Highlights:

-Releasing mixed CD “Rise Up” in 1996, at a time when the only DJ mix CDs on the shelves were the major international DJs.

-First dj gig: Ultraviolet in 1995

-DJing at the 1st Culture party on Miami Beach at Paragon in 1996

-Spinning at the legendary “Buckminster Palace” house parties – if you were “in the know” you were there.

-Headlining the “Just Dance” party in Cleveland along with Bad Boy Bill, Atomic Babies and DJ Funk.

-Driving down to Miami with Dakoowan and DJing at the 2002 Ultra Music Festival with him and the rest of the world class talent.

-Residencies with Culture, Basscore, Sol-Rays, and Firestone in the 90s.

-Opened for Monk @ Sol-Rays ‘Rabbit in the Moon’ party in 2000.

-DJ’d the lead-in set for Autechre in Miami Beach

-First M-Toxin record release party at House of Blues w/ Seth Vogt & Kelly Reverb in 2000.

-All the 6-turntable sets with James Wolfe in South Florida.

-Playing with DJ Craze in Miami back when he was an up and coming DJ with no DMC awards yet. Wow.

-DJing the opening set for Uberzone at the UCF Arena

-Playing dozens of gigs with Storm, Johnny Dangerously, James Wolfe, Merlyn, R-Fresh, Wendel and the rest of the staple DJs in S. Florida.

-Opening for Simply Jeff at the Florida Theatre in 1998.

-Spinning at the “In-House Style” store opening party

-Sharing the sound system many times with Stylus, Huda Hudia and Icey – the originators of funk in central Florida.

-Currently, exclusively a resident at HouseFlyz – a night w/ Seth Vogt & M-Toxin Recordings currently on its 2nd year in downtown Orlando