Courtney Rickett - DJ Confidence - Hazel LaLanne Courtney started enjoying electronic music at age 18 and through clubs and parties met many friends and DJ?', until it se... read more
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Courtney Rickett – DJ Confidence – Hazel LaLanne

Courtney started enjoying electronic music at age 18 and through clubs and parties met many friends and DJ?‘, until it seemed like everyone was an aspiring turntablist or producer, all of them pushing for her to give it a try. Not wanting to go with the crowd, she refused for almost four years to even touch a set of turntables. One day her engineer brain took over, and she had to find out how it worked. With her background in music, she did very well starting out. However, she initially lacked the poise of the superstar DJ – when the beat would wander or the sound of the trainwreck starting coming, she would flail her arms around and squeal. Her DJ collaborators said very sternly, “Even if you make a mistake, you have to be confident doing it! Be DJ confidence!” The performer and persona were born.

DJ confidence blends up-to-date, versatile tracks with a new ear on combining house, techno, minimal, and everything in between. She has been supporting Seattle’s electronic music scene for the past seven years, and is the founder and owner of Confined Media LLC, a business dedicated to bringing together photography, music, and design within the mood and focus of the moment. To hear her sets, track selection is key, as she relies on good music in the right order to speak for itself, concentrating on flow and feel rather than being either too technical or too tricky. In the world of the professional DJ, where it seems like people, technology, and possibilities are making music more and more complicated, DJ Confidence brings it back to basics, reminding club-goers of the whole reason to go out – to have fun and relax.

Courtney was born in Juneau, Alaska, and moved to Seattle when she was two years old. Music has surrounded her and filled her life since birth, and she has had a wide variety of musical training and experience. As a child, she was in the choir and band, and even after school she would make up dance routines to the most popular songs on the radio. This gave her a balance between classical training and ‘pop’ music trends that you can still feel in the music she supports to this day.

This collage of musical listening and making continued through marching band, raves, hip hop concerts, folk life festivals, chamber ensemble (playing violin parts on a flutes), listening to every station on the radio, church choir and everything in between. Over time, Courtney worked on her ability to hear what the average listener liked and disliked, and as Hazel LaLanne (her eye color and a tribute to her grandmother), she makes impactful changes to the production efforts of the Confined Media House, stripping down the music and making it more accessible.

For the past two years, Courtney has been balancing a full time job at Philips and then Microsoft while running her startup company, Confined Media. Along with Ryan Hicks (aka DJ Obey, aka Ryan Xristopher) and Gabe Spiel (aka Aku), Confined Media LLC is an Indy record label, DJ booking agency, and more recently, a promotion/production company. Confined Media is in the process of conceptually merging with Latenight Renegades and Kaos Kreations to form the NW Alliance. Their mission – to promote a positive message, help the Northwest music scene grow and connect the West Coast musically.