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On the start of the year 2003. 4 guys sharing same views on life and music come to an idea to form CONCRETE dj organization. Main goal of Luka, Mita, Matsura and Xavi was keeping and further promoting of underground techno sound on 3 and 4 decks in Belgrade. After 3 years of experience in small clubs around the country and defining their sound CONCRETE djz wanted to present their work on a higher level. So it was on the summer of 2003. When their serial techno constructions parties gathered outstanding number of people and awesome atmosphere throughout 4 events. Further advance of CONCRETE organization was on its way, so these guys got bookings in essential Belgrade clubs and big new years event Stargate. Starting the year 2004. CONCRETE djz appeared on ovo je moj grad and EXIT 2004 festival, and got residence in club akademy Belgrade.

After nearly 2 years and over 10 parties organized by them CONCRETE team wanted to also present some of the foreign names of hard techno to Belgrade scene. Their guests were kay. d smith, lars klein and c.liberator playing for Belgrade crowd with them as local support. Along with these and many other successful parties CONCRETE djz also started working on their production skillz, and in the year 2005 they got offers to release some of their material on labels such as [betamax, blackoutaudio, pionir].start of the new club o5/06 season was marked by a new party serial underground forces guesting Mark Eg, Lusinda, Rachel Rackitt, Dave the Drummer, C.Liberator, dj Murphy, Brenda Russel and Oscar Mulero. In addition to these foreign guests CONCRETE djz also collaborated with lots of domestic organizations and projects. Main goal in further appearance of CONCRETE is to show their dj and production skillz to the world scene. Already their EP for London Betamax label is out, so keep ya eyes open for new 12 " releases!