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It all started in his rehearsal room, as he was practicing violin and discovering Daft Punk’s debut album at the same time. Back in 2002, Maxime Firket aka Compuphonic, was finaly determinated not to focus on several rock bands that he had joined but surely decided to learn the basis of electro music production. He quickly found his way to success and it didn’t take much time to convince Cosy Mozzy to sign his first productions on Dirty Dancing records (5 EP’s directly acclamed by belgian audience). The owner of the so-called brussels’s night club “Dirty Dancing” took this opportunity to hire him as resident Dj. Compuphonic became one the youngest dj’s on the brussels night clubbing scene and rapidly attracted others, who remixed his work (artist such as Bangkok Impact, Spirit Catcher, Sasse and Thugfucker).

More recently, the 25-years-old “groove maker” confirmed his talent by reaching the international scene and got in touch with the excellent canadian record label “Turbo recording”. Therefore, Tiga himself, decided to release Compuphonic’s “Emotion” EP on his own label and doES not seem to regret it. Indeed, the young and talented producer quickly confirmed his ability to produce powerful dance floor “Hit” by signing several remixes, such as, the astounding “Shaded” by Cari Lekebusch (feat. Kolombo) on Turbo recording, “Anywhere” for The Presets (feat. Kolombo) on Modular, and two other remixes to be released in 2009 on Tiga’s record label! But The so-called Belgian DJ never get enough with collaborations and co-produced in 2008, an electro-rock album with the Belgian band Montevideo, a project called MVSC. Compuphonic has definitly become an incontrovertible producer who belongs to the future of the upcoming new sound of electro music. More releases to come in 2009 on Parquet Rec and Add2basket.