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Laurent Paranthoën aka Commuter discovered music thanks to Kraftwerk’s album Radio Activity, found in his parent’s record collection …and quickly fell in love with acid house, new beat and early techno ….

At a young age he became interested in musical production, synthesizers, and musical software……So, he began his journey into music by trying to produce rap music…

But his synthpop, EBM, and 80’s influences (he’s a huge Depeche Mode fan ) naturally pushed him back to techno and electro culture,..

After refining his production skills and sound, in 1998 he started playing Techno live acts in several techno parties across his homeland, Brittany.

In the early 00’s, he moved to PARIS, met Elektrofon Label’s crew, and in 2007 released his first 12 inch with them, «Electrostate of Mind» an EBM/Techno collaboration with LAAG for vocals. The Hacker made an excellent remix of it.

His 3rd EP with Elektrofon, «Black Friday» was released in 2009 and remixed by Julian Jeweil. He then decided to send a demo to Electric Rescue, and the “Template EP” found its way to the famous french techno label Skryptöm in early 2010. This was followed by several EPs and remixes on various labels like Goog Records, Space Factory, LCMTC, Junky Robot, Verboten and AFU ltd , Thomas P Heckmann’s prestigious german label.

Since then, it appears that Commuter has a growing popularity on the french techno scene, now playing in some of the best parties and clubs in France, such as PLAY nights, Astropolis Festival, Bataclan, Glazart, Batofar, Lieu Unique, Panoramas Festival and the legendary Rex club…