Cold Trap Beatport


Cold Trap a.k.a Amirali Shahrestani, founder of Madexx Recordings has been involved in music production for many years now and is gaining worldwide recognition in the dance music industry.

He was born into a musical family on April 19th, 1984 in Tehran. His astonishing and gifted talents were recognized at the early age of five when he started taking piano lessons with an outstanding passion for music. His musical flair and artistic talent developed over the years as he began writing his own songs and producing his own music. He began exploring electronic music seriously by the late 90s, teaching himself how to produce and manipulate sounds with almost any type of tools. He moved to Toronto when he was 16 with his background of music stretching from classic rock to 80’s new wave music, he became immersed in the underground world, learning the ins and outs of the Club scene. By fall of 2002 he was already making new waves in local clubs, bars and Afterhours by playing his own unique style of music.

Cold Trap is also a DJ with big experience on the decks; His inimitable and versatile style has placed him as a DJ who can smash any dance floor for the late hours. He represents a panorama of sound ranging from techno, house, Disco and electro. His Persian, Middle Eastern roots contribute greatly to his richly varied and energetic sound. Through His love of rhythm, he integrates a variety of music textures to create his uptempo, melodic, beat-driven mixes which bring about a vibrance that is superbly captured in his spirited performance.

Cold Trap never gets tired of coming up with fresh ideas in order to push the limits of electronic sounds.