Codec Beatport


It all began with Fast Tracker 2.0 and the meticulous inputting of rows of digits in order to get the right sound for the first music productions, then there were decks and a mixer (production was pushed into the background), and now the digital domain, together with the classic analogue, is a permanent element of Codecs life.

DJ, music producer, graphic and web designer. Initiator and co-founder of the Sound Delivery collective. Owner of SD Records. The participant and organizer of numerous club events in Poland. Cedecs style is progressive/electro house and nuskool breakz. He doesnt like single-themed sets, he appreciates mixing techniques and the way the DJ stays in touch with the audiences.

Hes open to cooperation in the field of music.

His motto:

It doesnt matter what media you use when you play at parties. Whats important is that you feel it and do it well. Playing vinyl and sporting the most expensive headphones will not make you a great DJ. Thats something youll really have to work hard for.