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For more than 10 years, DJ Clue has proven that he is more than just a beat-thumper. His accomplishments show how a turntable genius precisely puts together different songs to make a concoction of beats and melodies that rule the clubs and the streets. This mix tape phenomenon is nothing short of spectacular. DJ Clue has the honed-down expertise and handiness of a veteran, and is undoubtedly on the verge of spinning himself into history. He has turned a personal hobby into a commodity and a booming industry all on his own. The “Mixtape” is one of the most sought after products in the Hip Hop world. His 90-minute compilations are full of the hottest artists, mixed with never-heard-before rhythms and unique freestyles. DJ Clue is known for street masterpieces such as Clue For President, Clueminatti and Show Me The Money Pt. I and II; works of art which have traveled around the world faster than Clue himself. And if a song isn’t on a Clue tape, then little attention is paid – because in spite of everything, all this tastemaker has to do is suggest what’s hot and everyone tags along.

DJ Clue is most notably known for his first Mixtape CD, The Professional Part I, which sold over a million copies. He was also the mastermind behind the infamous DJ Clue Presents: Backstage Mixtape, which debuted at #6 on the charts. With a new compilation, The Professional Part II, DJ Clue is headed for a whole other level. What makes The Professional Part II so exhilarating is the artists DJ Clue has assembled – a roster of the hottest and most versatile artists out today: Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, Jadakiss, DMX, Snoop, Lil Mo, Busta feat. Rah Digga, Eminem feat. Method Man and Royce, and Nas – just to name a few. He also produced half the album along with his partner Ken Durro with whom he has a production company (No Question Entertainment).

A native of Queens, New York, 26-year old “Clue” became fascinated with the artistry of Hip Hop back in 1989, when he (then known as MC Drama) was the front man for a neighboring Queens rap group. It was in the mist of one of their intense practice sessions that Clue gazed over at his deejay’s turntables and immediately became enthralled – shortly after deciding that he’d rather add, subtract and multiply beats, and get the crowd’s undivided attention by making their eardrums dance to what he’s mixing. All it took was a pair of Linear-Tech DD 1700’s, two copies of Chic’s “ood Times”and heart to get started. Now, with a style as personal and established as his name, DJ Clue’s good times are indeed on the rise.

DJ Clue broke ground by releasing his first tape in 1990, Clue #24. The tape took New York City by storm: the tape was distributed citywide, from Queens to the Boogie Down Bronx to Brooklyn and back, and his name grew as fast as his record collection – mainly because he included what no one else could on their tapes: unreleased material. Add live recording street freestyles to the mix and Clue gave the people a tape as diverse as a multicultural classroom. There were mix tapes, and then therewere Clue tapes – and the difference was always apparent. DJ Clue has put together close to two hundred mix tapes within a seven-year span, often times selling as much or more than a top record label. “If the RIAA were to count the tapes I’ve sold independently over the years, I would’ve been certified multi-Platinum by now,” says Clue confidently.

In the past three years DJ Clue has earned ‘Best Mix Tape’ awards from the music industry. Now, DJ Clue not only contributes his talent to one of the most popular radio stations in the country – Hot 97 in New York City – but he is also one of the hottest club DJs, dominating the club scene around the world. His radio show is one of the most tuned into, mainly because he exudes the same mixing prowess as he does on his mix tapes.

DJ Clue knows what’s hot, and he brings that knowledge to his new project. " try to be the voice of the streets," says an enthusiastic Clue. “From wherever I am to wherever I go, people are always feeling what I’ feeling.” And this is the reason why when DJ Clue steps onto the DJ’s Podium, questions are never asked.