Clown Beatport


Vincenzo Terzo, Dj Clown, is the founder of the upcoming label, JESTER records. Featuring Triac, Tao, Metalogic Vs Tao, Dj Preach, Nuclear Ramjet, Authentik, Three Point Turn, Midi Miliz/Spirallianz and more… He is also affiliated with “Alien Crew”, one of Montreal’s top-notch Psytrance promoters, Hadshot, A German Based Electro-tek Label and FOOD Clothing (a Montreal based Skatewear company).

DJ Clown Bio:

Vinny started mixing in the year 2001 (in Montreal, Canada ) when he first discovered Tech Trance music. Ever since, he has been gathering sounds for different artists and styles, often blending them all into one set. He can offer DJ sets for many different genres such as Electro, Techtrance, Techno, full-on and Progressive trance. He has made official promo mixes for HADSHOT (a German based Techtrance label), an Alien Crew party featuring Wizzy Noise LIVE in Montreal and Tech Safari’s Eclipse 2005 Festival. With a passion for music and mixing, Clown attained over 25 bookings in 2003, as his career skyrocketed. He already has 16 bookings in 2005 and we aren’t even half way done.