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Manchester, United Kingdom

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Psy-Trance

Clipper Beatport


Clipper started raving quite late in his old the ripe old age of 20. His first rave was at Kinetic in Stoke, and that was it for him..he was hooked!

He had been listening to hardcore for over 2 years previous to this, listening to Stu Allen on Manchesters Key103 radio, but he’s afraid to admit, that he didn’t realize that it was actually hardcore until he went to Kinetic!

Clipper never really had any thought of being a dj, as he is generally a shy person, and it wasn?t something he had ever entertained, but as he got more and more into the music, he started buying vinyl, and then he bought his first set of decks..a cheap set of Soundlab 1600s. After a year or so of mixing on these..Clipper then stepped up to Technics and from there he hasn?t looked back!

At this stage, he still never seen himself as being a was just a hobby. That was until one day, someone told him that he was good enough to play out, and from there he started sending demos off! He had no luck at all at first, until he started going to Cypher in Leeds, where he kept handing in demos.

They finally agreed to give him a set..and to his surprise, at the same time they agreed to the set, they also offered him a residency without him even playing for them!

That first set out live was on 19th April 2002. He played half hour Oldskool Hardcore and half hour D?n?B, in the back room. He then continued to play every month there-after in the back room.

As the months went on, he started getting sets at other events, playing New and Old Hardcore, which is where his reputation started to increase and spread.

After a few months, Clipper got moved into the main room at Cypher, after regular crowd pressure to the promoters, as he consistently filled out the back room. His reputation started to grow even further at this point, and he started getting bookings all around the country, and earned a further 2 residencies?one at NEO, Cypher’s sister event at The Sanctuary in Birmingham, and Ultimate Rush, based in Reading.

With these 2 additional residencies, things started to improve somewhat through the rest of 2002 & 2003 for him, with bookings at larger events, such as Twisted Hardcore hosted by Bionic in Cardiff and Absolute Oldskool in Bristol, along with regular weekly bookings, and playing on DFM Radio every weekend with DJ Thumpa.

2004 to 2006 has been an extremely busy time for Clipper..from promoting a night in Manchester called Armageddon with earning residencies at Jedi in Stoke, Vibealite in Leeds & Manchester, Missing in Manchester, Hektik Beats in Huddersfield and Liquid Rush in Nottingham to name a few..things just keep getting busier and busier..even playing Raverbabys event ?Ravessential? in Leeds in August 2006. He has also been booked to play at HTID in Spain in 2007, in a main room, which he feels is a huge acheivement, and something he is very proud of!

Up until September he was lucky enough to have had all these major breaks without producing any tracks. Clipper has now started to produce tracks, with his first being produced with Joey Riot. From here he intends to move forward producing more tracks, and generally having lots of fun!