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Since her debut on the Parisian stage five years ago, DJ CLEO managed to create her own identity and she now works for the biggest parties of the capital city.

After years of intensive clubbing, she finally decided to launch into the adventure at the beginning of the years 2000 and to buy herself her first turntables, CD decks and mixer.

From then, everything went very fast: she met SOPHIENE J who organized in Paris the Tea-Dance AILLEURS and decided to give her a chance beside CEDRIC ESTEBAN as well. It didn’t take long until she started playing for ERIC LAB & MICHAEL MARX (RAIDD BAR, HOME DELUXE), with whom she still works, as well as PHILIPPE MASSIERE who opened doors of the QUEEN CLUB and the CAB for Cleo, with RENDEZ-VOUS, BE LOUNGE and a monthly After Hours. The collaboration with PHILIPPE (which is the least that can be said considering their authentic friendship) is meant to last: together, they now work at LES BAINS DOUCHES for PLAY (Best 2006 House Party Award on PINK TV) and for which she is the resident DJ. They also export their know-how outside Paris (Lyon, Grenoble, Montpellier among others).

Some might have had the opportunity to hear her playing for FIRST FLOOR at l’ETOILE, for INTIMACY Tea-Dance at CLUB 101, for PROGRESS, EVERYBODY or SENSATIONS with DAVID JUDGE at La SCENE BASTILLE.

She now officiates as well at MIX CLUB and FUSE CLUB in Brussels for LA DEMENCE.

At the beginning of 2007, she created the first french DJs association named 7 & THE FLOOR with with CEDRIC ESTEBAN, SOPHIENE J, DAVID JUDGE (the same ones again!!!), XAVIER SEULMAND, AUREL DEVIL and MARC RO/BEN.

Don’t miss COLORS OF LIFE, produced with XAVIER SEULMAND and recently released on RESOLUTION RECORDS.

Since the beginning of her career, CLEO’s peculiar sound and style inspired by DJs such as MIKE SHIVER, GARETH EMERY or ANDY MOOR have known a real evolution and won some maturity. A subtle mix-up between progressive house and trance, her sets combine at the same time a communicative energy to an undeniable elegant and melodic dimension.