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Cleo Panther

Vienna, Austria

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Who is Cleo Panther?


Those who might think that the golden era of the grandes dames is past, is definitely wrong. Cleo Panther is on her way to revive those forgotten times. Owing to her extraordinary temper on stage and her powerful voice she’s often compared to legends like Liza Minelli. Yet in early stages she has been influenced by funk and soul, which makes her voice remind us of artists like Marva Whitney, Sugar Pie de Santo or Etta James.

In 2006 she decided to originate the old-school soul band ‘Tiger Tales’ with Daniel “Kakadu” Nasr. Shortly after, their first 7" single named ‘feels good but it’s not’ was produced, which among others was remixed by DJ Urbs (G-Stone) and young producer Dandario. From hereon the song aired on radio FM4 and radio Superfly to “Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show” (BBC 6). Their latest song ‘stand up right’ was released in 2010 and remixed by breakbeat/funk legend DJ Smoove (UK/Acid Jazz/Wack).

Alright, that’s all fine – but now, what next?

Cleo set her mind on touring and working with a range of producers, being faithful to her worldly wisdom: “It’s essential to trust your intuition and listen to your inner willpower.”

Delivered as ordered-The internationally well known and vaunted jazz-meets-house collective Parov Stelar discovered her music on Myspace and sent her a song that she then edited. Shortly after, they offered her to work live with the band. After the first meeting there were no questions left, Cleo edited the instrumentals for the show within a month, followed by rehearsals, the first tour …

What else is there to say?

Cleo Panther is an artist who has come a long way and stems from distinct spheres. Music, art and dance. Her talent has to be seen as an overall idea, uniting resorts which she proves by being part of Parov Stelar. To emphasize her image she collaborates with the admirable viennese designer Anna Aichinger, who is responsible for her wardrobe and outfits on stage. Aichinger’s designs interpret the twenties and therefore perfectly merge into the musical project of Parov Stelar.

“My major interest is verbalizing a feeling and transmitting a vision. “- says Cleo.

On the whole everything is said. Except that this year is gonna be a hell of a blast – and without a doubt very Cleo Panther.