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Melbourne, Australia

Funk / R&B, House

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Clara Rui Yates aka ‘DJ Claz’ joins the fine list of elite DJ Producer talent in becoming a member of the Supastar Records family.

Elegance and Amazing beauty, make it very easy to mistake ‘DJ Claz’ for a Catwalk or Victoria’s Secret model. When Clara is not working for, or associating with, the Melbourne modelling community at gala fashion events such as ‘Melbourne Loreal Fashion Week’, and ‘Spring Fashion Week’, she can be readily found spinning behind the decks at a variety of events both in her new home town of Melbourne as well as at interstate and international gig events across Australia and Asia.

In addition to her live music skills as a DJ Producer, ‘DJ Claz’ is always quick to announce her passion for music in many forms and she can often be found sitting in a quiet studio, belting out a hit with her unique singing voice or song writing on piano.

Despite ‘DJ Claz’s’ versatility as a live performance DJ with an ability to bounce between multiple genres, her early musical influences came to her as a young girl growing up in the UK. ‘DJ Claz’ became influenced by well known artists such as TLC, Craig David, Aaliyah, Dru Hill, 112, 2-Pac, Diana King and many, many more.

Although rnb and early hip-hop heavily influenced the early teen years of this evolving Supastar Diva, it is her recent love affair with the ‘House’ and ‘EDM Dance’ genres that have seen her rise in the club music industry like a shooting star. DJ Claz is rapidly earning her household name as Melbourne’s most exotic and professional mixed female club DJ of Asian heritage, spinning some of the hottest rnb and hard pumping house & electro tunes that the scene has to offer.

With a fast rising profile and a killer smile to match, ‘DJ Claz’ has created herself opportunities to play along side celebritys such as, ‘Tyga’, ‘Ray-J’, ‘Andrew De Silva’ and her child hood idol ‘Craig David’ and in addition to this, ‘DJ Claz’ hosts celebrities on a regular occasion at her own weekly Friday & Saturday night events held in the Melbourne CBD.

‘DJ Claz’ is ready to tantalise your next ‘EDM’ club experience…

DJ CLAZ 生まれ育ったロンドン、英国

DJ CLAZ 日本語、英語、オランダ語の血を持っています

13 歳から DJ の経験

以上 35 ナイトクラブ メルボルン、ベトナム & ロンドンに行った

レイ J、TYGA、クレイグ ・ デイヴィッド & より多くを含む多くの有名人を満たしています。

R&B、ヒップホップ、ハウス エレクトロで専門としています。