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Ahmed Farouk as known as Clay Lio, Egyption DJ born in cairo in 1993, Lives in El Haram.

Clay Lio, One of the youngest and talented DJs in Egypt his rank is #1 ’ Hurghada ’ #9 ’ Egypt ’. He started his own career in 2011 and he used to taught himself by himself through a long powerful self learning process. It all begun in 2007 when he started to listen to House music, After then he knew the names of alot of music producers, Later then he begun to sort all the music producers and he was listening more to his favorites.

After a long journey of listening and recognizing music as an end user, He tried to make his own sets by using ‘the most popular software program’ and he tried to know how to mix the records together. He succeeded to mix and to know more about the basics through this program after a lot of funny trials.

Clay Lio didn’t stop at this point but he started to do mash ups for popular records, Then he heard about ‘FL STUDIO’ which is used by the music producers to make their own music, At this point he asked himself how to be a music producer ?! the answer was a friend who gave him the ‘FL’ program and taught him how to install it on his PC, But he didn’t tell ‘Clay’ how to use it and ‘Clay’ was too shy to ask him this question, But he told him only one thing ‘it depends on your ideas and how you will use it to produce and maybe you will be better than me’.

It wasn’t so weird for him to start climbing another mountain of self learning and trials, And as he did before in ‘VDJ’ after long time he did it again in the ‘FL STUDIO’, He challenged the difficulties like being obligated to keep his PC turned on for days as the ‘FL’ program was demo so he can’t save his projects but eventually he learned how to use it as a professional and he did a lot of good stuff at that time.

He’s first album was A STEP OF BEGINNER and was released on 10th of September 2013. His album has benn spread on Beatport, Itiunes, Spotify And on a lof of other internet sites and radio shows..

In secondary school he was always listing to Nile FM and on time he was listining to Paul Oakenfold one of his favorite DJs and during his set He waondered if he could play in Nile FM someday, In 2015 the dreams comes true and he play with DJ Carlos in Nile FM on 14th of MArch.

Clay Lio is an atom in the musical industry leading the way for the new wave of house producers.

He entered to the Electric House Radio From New York City and he became from the resident DJs, He also played more than one time at Red Sea Radio As a guest DJ.

Clay Lio believes in his talent and future. He will never give up on his dreams as the others did.