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Claudio Prc


Clonk Records, Elettronica Romana, Intoxik
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Claudio PRC, real name Claudio Porceddu, born 1987 in Sardinia, Italy. His experimental approach to techno and his knowledge on history of electronic music are the basis for a constant flow of productions since he first started releasing on the Berlin based netlabel Intoxik in 2007. After several other EPs, he received attention from the german label Prologue Music, which not only became his home base for nearly 5 years but also gave him the space to put out his widely recognised first Album “Inner State” in 2012. With his friend and production partner Ness he started his own label based on and named after their side project “The Gods Planet” in 2010, releasing their own productions and giving a little “Extra” room for releases of befriended artists. With his background in experimental and electro-acoustic music and performance, his DJ set will not only provide something to dance to, but also stimulate you intellectually.

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