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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Electro House, Hip-Hop

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If you’re a regular clubber around Kuala Lumpur, you may sometimes see a little man performing behind the decks of some the most prominent clubs. He’ll be playing you huge addictive sounds that seem too big and too loud for his size. But this is DJ Classick. And that is his music.

An experienced regular in the scene, DJ Classick is a name synonymous with wildly creative mixing and effortless turntablism that would not just make your feet dance, but your heart pound in rhythm to his beats. Do not let the stage moniker fool you, as there is nothing classic or traditional in his philosophy of music. Playing his unique blend of the latest and hardest hitting Hip Hop, R&B, Electro as well as sizzling chart toppers, this little man of only 5’4 punches way above his weight and puts many of his peers to shame. His musical style has made many a fan reminisce him to DJ Chuckie. The raw combination of eclectic dance, meaty electro synths and dirty dutch house that are ever present on his sets never fails to bring a crowd of eager party goers to the dance floor.

What started of as an interest guided him towards being a pioneering individual of underground music that help define the early days and rise of the Hip Hop culture in Malaysia as far back as 1998. It was then that his appreciation for dance music developed to greater heights. Always a man to pursue his dreams, DJ Classick enrolled and studied under the tutelage of prominent DJ school Playaz Universe in 2003 to take his game to the next level.

Upon graduation, he has not ceased to amaze, as his tally of medals and honors as a DJ began to accumulate. As early as 2005, DJ Classick swept aside all new comers and claimed the rookie title “Ministry of Hip Hop Best DJ” when he won the award’s annual scratching competition. This was but a first taste of many recognitions and awards that would soon follow.

Event organizers and clubs soon began to take notice of his unique talents. To date, DJ Classick has performed in clubs such as GOSH, Maison, Quattro, Loft Upstairs, Mist and Opera just to name a few. He has also held residences in almost every major club over the years and is a prominent fixture to any party night around the Kuala Lumpur. He has also performed at countless events and played to a huge and loyal fanbase over the years.

Despite his achievements, DJ Classick is a man who always remembers his humble beginnings and is never too proud to share his knowledge of the industry to newcomers. He now runs his own DJ Division and training academy at GOLDNATION/GOLDSOUNDS in hopes to usher in a new generation of talent to boost the local music scene.

So folks, the next time you spot a little man working his magic behind the decks in a club around Kuala Lumpur, get your dancing shoes ready as he brings the house down with the meaty bass. As you’ll often hear in his sets, THIS IS DJ CLASSICK!