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Clams Casino

Nutley, United States

BRAPP RECORDS, Columbia (Sony), Tri Angle
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“What’s remarkable about Volpe is that he basically helped invent the most interesting new style/sub-genre of hip-hop in the past few years, but not that many people know, probably because it doesn’t yet have a catchy name (”Hypnagogic Hip-Hop"? Not happening.). Basically, he took the hazily zonked, nostalgic jumble of ‘80s/’90s references that became known as chillwave, and flipped it into a rap-beat format. And that sound just happened to fit with Lil B’s equally zonked and enigmatic rhyme spew, which B has dubbed “Based.” Generally, a Clams Casino track feels like the soundtrack for a New Age seminar that’s drifted wildly off course and run aground, but always in a more fascinating, ominously exhilarating place. Drums and synths yawn and stretch and sigh, always tilting toward the sublime, not in a pretentious way, but like a smart, modest, confused kid who’s understandably anxious about today’s state of effed-up affairs and wants more.. It’s probably the most appropriate music I’ve ever heard for just zoning the fuck out for four or five hours at your computer while idly Googling the ineffable."