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Cj The Dj

Las Vegas, United States

Hip-Hop, Open Format

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Continually being compared to the late, great DJ AM due to his style and scratching, CJ the DJ, the only teenage DJ in the state holding down a weekly residency, is hard at work as a DJ to become better each and every day. He will play songs DJs won’t dare to drop, and be able to make them sound cool. In the past, he has been able to drop a classical track and still keep the energy of the crowd, in the hip-hop club where he has his weekly residency. He is also one of the few DJs in the country who can successfully create live DubStep mashups. No song is off limits for him.

Having worked closely with artists like DJ Scene (who he is also mentored by), Ron Carroll, Giulietta, DJ Flamboyant, Shotty, Messinian, & DJ Swamp, CJ has had the blessing of learning from many experienced people.

The most notable gigs he’s had were at Sounds of the Underground, Club FroZEN75 (#1 Teen Club in Vegas; CJ is the Resident DJ there), Skyline Fridays, & Channel 6 News. He was also hired by Coca-Cola along with the American Music Awards to DJ a viewing party for the American Music Awards.

CJ the DJ has put out a few mixes for people to enjoy. His most recognized mix is called ‘Shameless Mix’ which caused a buzz in the DJ community when it released because it really highlighted his scratching ability. Later, ‘Shameless Mix’ was featured on popular mixtape site,, where it got over 2,000 views in just one day. All of his other mixes have been listened to a total of over 1,000 times by people all across the country. The most recent mix released by CJ was a collaboration mix he did with Kentucky DJ, DJ Rudeboyy.

In the voting for the “InSoulWeTrust Best House Music mix for March 2012”, CJ the DJ is the current leader with over 40% of the votes. People from all across the world are entered in the contest.

CJ the DJ is available for booking through Chris Mendell [email protected]