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Cj Stone

Dortmund, Germany


405 Recordings, Apart12, Bass Pumpers Music
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“To feel and live Music” that’s the slogan of Andreas Litterscheid, most better admits alias “CJ STONE”.

Already as a young teenager (more exactly. with little twelve years) he smoothed the way to the large (and at that time still far) music-business. Already at this time pupils were hard up and the money for records was always limited – and so he possessed the most titles only on cassettes, which he mixed with 2 recorders and a mixer to one track and exposed to sound thereby the parties of his friends and acquaintance. After a short time everybody of his friends called him “CJ” (Cassette – Jockey), which became at the beginning of the 90’s a component of his artist name. As the native Cologner began his DJ-career in Clubs, such as Neuschwanstein or Westside (today better known as Tarm Center West) in Cologne, a artist name was missing and so he decided to call himself “CJ STONE”. His abilities behind the Turntables did inspire the Clubber, and also drew the attention of his DJ – colleagues. And so CABA KROLL from BASS BUMPERS paid attention of CJ STONES talent and booked him for DJ Gigs in Tarm Center/Bochum. The Tarm center became since then CJ STONEs new Homebase for the next four years.

Beside his activity as DJ, CJ’s interest applied also more and more for producing, subsequently he collected sufficient ideas and experiences while he presenting, how a good Dance Track has to sound. CABA KROLL further helped him and made the BASS BUMPERS studio available. Always present. The other head of BASS BUMPERS. HENNING REITH. (HENNING, beside DJ SAMMY, was responsible for the first hits of the Popband LOONA).

The fame wasn’t a long time in coming. With the help of the team KROLL/REITH he tackled the producing. Hit Singles followed, like N-TRANCE “Forever” (which was co-produced by CJ and was found at place 7 in the English sales charts), MISS PEPPERMINTs “Let Me Hear The DJ” / “Welcome to Tomorrow” (both Top 10 in the Dance Charts), or CABA KROLLs “Pleasure E.P.” & “In Your Face”. Even all Singles of the Residents-DJ of Kontor Records, MARKUS GARDEWEG (“I Can’t Take It”, “This Groove” and “Push”, among others) wouldn’t have followed without CJs talent.

After so many work for third it was at the time to think about his own career – it was high time for the first CJ STONE single. CJ STONE wanted to express his own style to his productions – a style that competent form a contrast to all other tracks. He began to link material instruments with electronic Beats and refined that whole ones with rolling bass runs and salient Synthie Lines.

That was quick till his singles “Infinity/Shining star/Into The Sea”, and others were in the box – a small milestone in the history of Dance Music. “Infinity” shot without detours on the foremost places of the European Dance and sales Charts. As well as in Europe this track almost attracted attention in the far America.

STONES work was finally recompensed. Bookings followed all over the world and multiplied CJs name rating fast. Orders for remixes increased. Artists such as Ultrabeat, (their title “Pretty Green Eyes” was placed for 3 months in the Top 40 (highest position # 2) of the English sales charts and they sold more than 200,000 Singles); SNAP with their Top 10 success in Germany “Rhythm is A dancer 2003”; CULTURE BEAT with the title “Mr. Vain Recall”, which catapulted itself directly into the Top 10 of the German Sales chart; the Belgian success project SYLVER, who likewise placed into the Top 10 of the German sales charts with their title “Turn the tide”; Tiesto, QUICKSILVER, BROOKLYN BOUNCE, DEVINE INSPIRATION, ACE OF BASE, IAN VAN DAHL are here only some of many artists who remixed their titles by CJ STONE!

Besides this, CJ STONE brought his side projects such as BAD HABIT BOYS “Weekend” & “Rock Ya” into the top 10 of the most important charts and produced hit singles, such as VOODOO & SERANOS “Blood Is Pumpin” (#17 UK), or DJ SAMMYS “You’re My Angel/Golden Child/Life Is Just A Game” and others.

Not to mention that the track “Cold Blood”, which CJ produced for VOODOO & SERANO was used for the cult movie Blade II .

Besides these productions, remixes and the work as a DJ, we find the new single of CJ STONE “Don’t Look Back” in the top 10 of the UK Dance Charts. If we believe the prognoses of his record company this track is on his way to be a success, as well…