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“CJ Peeton was born in Hungary but currently live in Dublin and signed to LAE in Jan. 2007 CJ Peeton is currently one of the hottest producers around with a unique and instantly recognized sound, the 25 year old started his DJ-ing career when he was 18 and got into production soon after, he released his first club track in 1999 call ?The Station ? it was a melodic uplifting trance track that got great support from all the top trance jocks, while he was living in Hungary he played all the clubs in the country(Merry – Taylor club , Sailor club)and developed a huge following, since he left his country he has played top trance clubs all over the world and has had countless uplifting trance releases, he is a unique DJ with a unique talent of rocking a club like no other DJ . "

That’s what the Life Ain?t Easy Recordings wrote about him but it’s not even close to the right .He is a producer and Dj in Ireland and he loves what he’s doing right now. The trance music is the one of the oldest electronic think in his life. He started to produce music around 1998 and his master was DJ Pause who is a famous Dj in his home town. He was showing to CJ a lot of styles but for Cj the most important was the melody and the harmonics in one music not the style and he always wanted to do music with not only one style in it because he still think the music is not only one style. It can be house , trance , electro or whatever .

When he came to Ireland in 2006 he signed in to the Life Ain’t Easy Recordings what is a hard trance label in Dublin and he was so glad about that because after 6-7 years in music creation without any feedback that was the first label who told him " it’s fantastic " .The problem was he didn’t know that was only for one person with a lot of alias name. The record label had a few parties in the Vaults Club in Dublin but that was all so he started to look for another label to be more than that. In 2008 he was promoted to the Andromeda Recordings by Liquid Vision (THX LV) who was listening the ’music sounds better with trance " song on the Dance – Industries community site . So he signed in and he is very happy here with a lot of very nice mates and music. He started here with that songs single, and it was a bit successful on the ITunes store. LV did one remix for that track what also became popular . The track has been played in a lot of countries and a lot of radio channels around the world. You can get this single in all the big download stores.

A few month later Tommyboy was listening his remix for Chriss Lawyer & Dj Thomy and he said ’I like that guy ’. I did remixes for him and I hope I will do more in the future .

2009 was a big step for Cj in The Andromeda /Elliptical recordings . He had 2 albums released . The first was in January 2009 , that was THE WAY TO THE TRANCE MUSIC LP . That LP was a really big step for him . Lots of Djs were playing the tracks from that LP , like Mindgame , Suzy Solar , Solarstone ……..After that he got remix request a lot in the label , and out from the label , example for the Vaccine Label , Nucommunicate Label and for so many more .

Then in May 2009 he had the second big release . That was the PURE LP . That was even better release . He showed his other side in that album . This release had deep-house , breakbeat , progressive and trance tracks on it . Also was played by big names , like DJ Shah , Pedro Del Mar …….

Beside these releases the remixes were going quet well . Each one had a little Cj feeling in it . One of the best remix in 2009 was the ADS feat DI – Words that may never been said ( Cj Peeton intro remix ) . That remix became a really really popular track all over the world . Was played by lots of big names and it’s still in play sometimes , even if it was released in summer . Also it was signed by Pedro Del Mar , because he really loved that remix and he wanted to release on his complimation CD .

So after all the 2009 Was a really good Year for Cj Peeton , and he is really excited about 2010 already .

He has a new album already , and it will be released in January in all the big download-stores . That will be called ’ Range of Emotions ’ ……………………..and that’s just the january 2010 . Don’t know what will happen in the rest of the year .