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Cirrus. In case you think you don’t know them, well you do. At least if you watch MTV, play video games and go to the movies. Cirrus has kicked ass in the unassuming world of electronic music licensing (ie., ‘Zoolander,’ ‘The Real World,’ ‘Road Rules,’ ‘Mortal Combat II,’ ‘Gran Turismo 3,’ and recently CSI and CSI Miami, ‘Snatch,’ ‘Big Trouble,’ etc.) and is now positioning itself for a new global challenge: Putting a face on American electronic music. Ask anyone who knows and they’ll tell you: Cirrus delivers the club-style breaks that rock the dance floor.

It all started in Long Beach in 1993 when DJ and bassist Aaron Carter pooled forces with guitarist/keyboardist Stephen Barry, recorded a demo and got enthusiastically signed to Moonshine Music. Their debut artist album, ‘Drop the Break’ (1997), broke the Billboard Dance Charts with the hard-hitting single, ‘Superstar DJ.’ Constant touring helped the band form a creed of die-hard followers fueled by the duo’s outstanding live performances on the rave and club circuit. ‘Back On A Mission,’ the 1998 follow-up, brewed explosive break-beats into a progressive (and aggressive!) pop collage that sold off the shelves and introduced the band to the wonders of music licensing-tracks literally flew off the release to get re-packaged with myriad high profile video game, movie and television compilations.

2002 saw the release of Counterfeit with the addition of guest vocals by Laura Derby and drums by Jim Chaney which saw Cirrus delve into the land of sweeping pop vocals backed by an even higher form of production. Cirrus have also recently capture the ears of superstar DJ’s Paul Van Dyk and Dave Ralph. PVD hunted them down recently after hearing the track Hit The Decks and enlisted their services with the recent remix of PVD’s new single Nothing But You. Dave Ralph’s remix of You Are (Panacea) recently went top ten in several remix charts and is continually heard spun across the country throughout clubs every weekend by leading DJ’s.

Cirrus continue to prove that through time they have developed a domestic American dance sound that evolves every time they embark on a new dimension. The first few months of 2003 have seen further developments for Cirrus with them concentrating on a bigger dance floor orientated sound for their live mixes, setting the initial plans for the establishment of a new artist driven label and dealing with the continued requests to develop feature film score work. The apprenticeship is finally well and truly over … watch and listen as the innovation continues.