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  • Circula 'Nothing Can Compare'

    With 10 Bandcamp VAs now under its belt, UK-based DIY musical collective Loose Lips will release ...

    Tue 14th February 2 AM
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In just a few short years Circula has come along way. Although always a fan of electronic music in the form of early garage and classic Hospital Records releases, the Berlin based talent only started producing more recently. Inspired by the freeform nature of jazz greats like Miles Davies and more contemporary champions like Robert Glasper, his rhythmically playful sounds have so far come on labels like Future Grooves and Disco’s Dead Records.

Fusing tough basslines with organic percussion, broken beat patterns with complex melodies his sound is one that’s both physical yet emotive, deep yet driving. As a DJ, Circula has played across Europe and the UK with the likes of Darksky and Applebottom. “I am very much interested in stripped back sound system music,” he says. “And when making dance tunes I always try to nail just a few elements along with a strong bassline.” That connection to sound system culture is made more explicit when you learn that Circula co-owns his own sound system in Totnes in the UK. It’s been host to many a great party and is growing in popularity with each one, much like Circula himself.