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By continuing to defy all doubters through an overwhelming knowledge of electronica and phenomenal talent, this DJ/producer/LIVE PA continues to push the limits and boundaries of techno and house music into the future. Raised in the ominous landscape of the NYC underground, a wide range of life influences and an unrelenting passion for electronic dance music have transformed CIRCUITBREAKER into one of the Premier underground DJ talents of our time. With his roots buried in the infamous STORMrave legacy, Mike had the rarest of opportunity to learn from the artists who pioneered techno music and created the underground dance music scene in America.

Known for devastating dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and being co-owner of the globally influential techno imprint, FACTORY, with his partner in crime, DJ/producing icon and rave pioneer, Frankie Bones. CircuitBreaker continues to redefine the possibilities of the DJ experience with remarkable pattern building ability and a mixing style that is raw precision. Mike has been producing since 1995 and has launched a Live PA of eclectic signature sounds across the spectrum of EDM.

CircuitBreaker first gained notoriety for being one of the pioneering forces behind the underground hardcore scene on the East Coast via his “DEAD BY DAWN” events. (A series of parties in the early 1990s that featured only hardcore electronic music, DJs and Live Performances). For the past 18 years, mike’s style has evolved from old school hardcore into an indescribable mix of futuristic underground electronic intelligence. His forward vision as a DJ/producer has left an indelible influence on the INTERNATIONAL techno scene as he continues to challenge the parameters of what is possible with electronic sound. Mike expanded his musical range and honed his “from the many minds and styles of The CircuitBreaker” that he built his name on via 8-12 hour marathon DJ sets at “Revelations”, one of the East Coasts longest running Outlaws, alonside co-resident Philadelphia DJ Legend HECTIC during the 1990’s.

CircuitBreaker has performed at some of the most famous US dance music events including: twice @ ESPN X Games, Moby’s Area ONE + TWO, Zen Festival, Electric Circus series featured @ MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in NYC, Hot Import Nights Car Show Tour, Donald Trump’s Atlantic City Convention Center, WMC in Miami, and nearly every massive series in New York City including PARK RAVE MADDNESS, Enit Festival, Stuck On Earths’ One Nation & BOO series @ historic Randalls Island, and Sympty’s Countdown series.

Mike has been a member of legendary American dance music entities Sonic GROOVE, 611 Records, NYC’s most infamous production company … PARK RAVE MADDNESS 194 and is the co-owner of FACTORY, where he is manager and runs the label.