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Ciara Beatport

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DJ Ciara may be new on the DJ scene, but she is no rookie when it comes to music.

“My father, an esteemed musician and member of The Henchmen band in the 60’s taught me almost everything I know about music today. He would always have the Beatles playing and to this day I can play almost any of their songs on guitar or piano by heart. That is where my drive to learn to dj and produce music came from. I love mixing the new with the old, and remaking classic songs will definitely be a significant part of what I do.” Now 22, Ciara has been taken under the wing of world renowned DJ and Producer Joey Bumps. Based in the New York metropolitan area, DJ Ciara has quickly broken into the scene and has appeared at places such as Greenhouse, NYC; The Empty Bottle, Middletown NY; Room 960, Hartford CT; and Swift, Waterbury CT. Ciara DJ Ciara is managed by Stereo Stars Entertainment.