Location: Madrid, Spain Spain
Genre: House
Labels: 67495428, Azuli Back Catalog, Bonzai Progressive, Caballero Recordings, d:vision records, Deeperfect Records, Defected Records, Fluential, Futureaudio, GLITTER, Great Stuff Recordings, HiFi Stories, Iberican Recordings (Stereo Production Group), ITH (Defected In The House), Juicy Music, Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings, Magna, Maquina Music, Musica Diaz / Toro, Nervous Records, Netswork Records, Nirvana Recordings, Park Lane Recordings, Skint Records, Solar Recordings (Stereo Production Group), Sphera Records, Spinnin' Records, Stereo Cool (Stereo Production Group), Stereo Productions, Stereo Unreleased Trax (Stereo Production G), Strictly Rhythm, Toolroom Records, Tribo Recordings (Stereo Production Group), Urbana Recordings, Vendetta Records


Language: English

When hard work and talent go hand in hand the outcome can only be quality.

DJ Chus producer, remixer, founder of Stereo Productions and creator of the pioneering Iberican Sound, a delicious mix of hypnotic organic house, warm and intense with a strong tribal essence which fuses naturally with modern tech-house.

An extensive self taught career based on a long lasting belief in quality music has led to a consolidated position as one of the world’s most acclaimed artists.

His many awards from the Spanish ‘Deejay Magazine’ include ‘DJ of the Year’, ‘Best House DJ’, ‘Best House Producer’, ‘Best House Label’, ‘Best Remix of the Year’ among others as well as being one of the first Spanish DJs to make the top100DJmag list.

This is reflected in his surprising DJ sets which range from large festivals to intimate small clubs either as marathon sessions or the typical club slot. He takes his audience on an extraordinary musical journey, from deep to techno and back again, drums always present. Also his extraordinary studio work has culminated in a recording legacy of over 20 years in the form of original productions or remixes either solo, with David Penn, Pablo Ceballos or many other partners in crime.

As well as all this he also fronts his own radio show, the ‘InStereo! RadioShow’ which can be heard live on the best radio station sites via internet or in a weekly podcast version.



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