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“ I always aim to play and produce bigroom, futuristic, euphoric and unique sounding house music "

-DJ Chuggs

DJ Chuggs’ “big room techno”, as it has labeled is the result of countless hours of music production. After finishing a Degree in music production he decided to become part of the house music community by playing out in the UK’s underground scene and producing tracks which would fit into his sets.

After thinking about what path to take in the Industry he decided to set up digital label Opto Records to use as a medium to get his and other peoples music heard by potentially bigger audiences.

This proved to be a positive step forward for DJ Chuggs as his tracks have had positive feedback and had airtime on stations such as BBC Radio 1 and Manchester Global Radio.

DJ Chuggs’ future plans are simply to evolve his signature sound and expand the Opto Records project.