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Dallas, United States



Chron began his relationship with the underground dance culture in early 1989 when a good friend, Tommy D., began spinning and invited him to learn the art of the mix. Keep in mind that this was before “Techno” had even been introduced to the club scene. They were playing 80’ dance tracks by bands such as The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, NIN, Book of Love, ect…. They began playing records on a daily basis and eventually learned the concept of matching beats. This was a major breakthrough. Prior to having the ability to beat match, playing records was not all that exciting.

Chron began to buy his own records in early 1990 and spent a lot of time at Oak Lawn Records and Sound Wharehouse(before Wharehouse Music). Techno arrived on the scene and changed everything. Chron then purchased his first set of 1200’ and a mixer in 1991 and began spinning his own records at his own house and finely tuned his skills over the next year. In 1992 he began playing at local parties and evolved from the Techno sound into a dark breakbeat style with a lot of Suburban Base and Reinforced releases.

From there his interest turned to 2-step breaks. He still manages to squeeze some of those breaks in his sets now if the mood is right. Chron still has appreciation for his roots but since 1995 he has been spinning House Music. Recognized around Dallas and surrounding cities as one of the top House DJs, Chron is known for his excellent track selection and very smooth mixes and you never know what classic treats he may drop to set the crowd off. Chron and his wife Geneva founded New Life Movement in 2001.

New Life was created with the intention of showcasing the best electronic music by the most talented DJs available. There are many New Life Movement events to come so keep your ears to the ground and don’t miss the opportunity to check out Chron or one of the other New Life Movement representatives at a party near you.