Born November 1987 in Martinez, California. His devoted parents, Kirsten and Phil, are music lovers and Christopher grew up listening to artists as diverse as Billie Holid... read more
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Born November 1987 in Martinez, California. His devoted parents, Kirsten and Phil, are music lovers and Christopher grew up listening to artists as diverse as Billie Holiday and Metallica at home. When he was just eleven, Christopher began playing guitar and it was obvious that he possessed a natural musical talent: what he heard, he played – often to the annoyance of the neighbors.

Christopher soon developed a taste for underground music. His early influences included Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Underworld. In September 2001 Phil took his prodigal son to see Crystal Method perform at The Warfield in San Francisco, and life was never the same again in the Lobsinger home – much to the increasing annoyance of their neighbors. Christopher’s birthday present that year was Nick Warren’s Global Underground Prague CD: a new DJ was born, and GU sold a few more compilations by Sasha, John Digweed, etc.

In February 2002 Christopher met Gianni, one of Spundae’s finest resident DJs. Phil quickly invested in two Technics turntables and a DJ mixer and, with Gianni’s total support and encouragement, Christopher began to REALLY piss off the exasperated neighbors. He hasn’t looked back since except, perhaps, for that night when – finally – the local cops paid a visit. Phil should be out of jail by next February, but he did get a decent price for the house. Christopher immediately purchased a Xone:62 mixer with the proceeds.

Events moved swiftly. Gianni gave Christopher a stack of vinyl and he produced his first progressive mix CD the following May. Gianni even booked him to spin at a rave that June. Christopher’s mix soon came to the attention of Sam Packer from Proton Radio, a top internet radio station – He was Featured Artist on Sept 14th and now hosts a regular show San Francisco Sessions. At the time, Christopher was just 14-years-old. Since then he has had sets broadcast all over the world on Thump Radio, U4EA (Belgium) and Mercury Server. Christopher has also appeared at the renowned ‘Qool’ in San Francisco, and worked with Danny Howells, , Lee Burridge Sean Cusick, Tim Skinner, Hybrid, Steve Gerrard, Mike Hiratzka, Michael Anthony, Spesh, Cass, Alex Whalen, and more… He now has a monthly DJ residency at Anú in San Francisco. Christopher’s mix CDs have come to the attention of many of the big ‘names’ in the dance music world. A star is born. His neighbors will probably miss him one day.

“Christopher is definitely a very talented DJ, and a name to look out for in the future.” (Joanna Massive, Massive Records, England)

“As a DJ, Christopher understands what it takes to lay down a tight mix journey with an ear for all-together solid tunes.” (D:Fuse, Texas, USA)

“The first time I heard Christopher mixing I knew that he had a special talent, and he’s just getting better and better every day. Amazing!” (Gianni, Spundae, California, USA)

“Christopher’s love of music matched with his natural ability behind the decks make him a name to watch. His mix CDs are always wicked.” (Steve Gerrard, Wrecked Angles, England)

“Music relies on fresh ideas and new faces to survive, and progress. Christopher has impressed us enormously.” (Jondi&Spesh, California, USA)