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Christian Welt

Budapest, Hungary

Minimal, Tech House

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Christian Welt made his first connection with electronic music in 2003, in New York City, when his friends took him to Sound Factory, one of the legendary clubs of New York City. Not knowing much that time about djing, or digital music he was amazed by the vibe of the club, and people around him. All the sudden, couple of months later he found himself in Club Space Miami. From that night he knew, that this is something, that he would like to be a part of.

Christian bought his first dj setup in the winter of 2006. After experiencing with a few dj softwares, he started focusing on Ableton live, and the world of midi controllers. In this fully digital electronic music world, still many say, that using a computer based software is not real DJ-ing. He has an other opinion: “Having the computer synchronize the pre- edited beat matching allows you to have more time on using loops, effects, or even playing 3 different tracks at the same time. This freedom lets the DJ create a very special atmosphere on the dance floor. This is not only beat matching any more, but writing music live, not only playing tracks one after the other, but bringing out the maximum of the tracks supporting each other” -Christian.

After playing in a few too small places to mention in Orlando, Florida, he moved back to Hungary in 2008, where he established a very good friendship with the promoter of the Mission Party series, Nic Kayes. He played his first set in Hungary at the Creamfields Festival Warm Up, which was shorlty followed by a very successful night with his other good friend, Chruz in Club Chrome.

The next big step was an invitation to play live on the most popular Hungarian electronic music radio station,, along with Nic Kayes. The show was broadcasted live through web cameras and became one of the most downloaded sets of the Truesounds radio show.

In 2010, alongside with Nic Kayes, he started the Mission Radio Show on electronic music channel. The show besides their weekly mixes, has been a host for famous music producers’ guest mixes from around the globe.