Top 25k on The DJ List

Christian Gerlich



After spending his youth in Germany he was returning 1992 to his city of birth, Graz. At the same time he had his first contact with techno while he was working in a big club next to Munich. The next 3 years he was collecting everything which opens him the mind for that kind of music. In 1995 he has met other guys in Graz who were sharing the same addiction for that raw electronic music. In the years between 1995- 1996 there were travelling to all techno events in Europe but mostly to the community in Slovenia.

In the beginning of 1996 he decided definitely to throw his guitars away and to buy 2 decks and a mixer instead. After spinning in several bars in and around graz, he and Christoph Risco ( one of the real techno nomads ) were founding the electronic beat lounge, a institution for techno, which should bring that special kind of flavour to the city. Series like homebase or clubsessions were soon parties which were creating an own community.

While hosting that legendary club series he was spinning the nights with artists like Umek, Kanzyani, Toni Rios, WJ Henze, Glenn Wilson and Eric Fischer. Continuously playing with so called stars his skills were always getting better , so that he was creating his own kind of pumping percussion techno . From the September 2000, the date of the first suncity, this series was enlarging to one of the biggest techno events in Austria. In December 2000 , after Gaetano Parisio has prooved at suncity : for creating” real own “ music as a techno-dj you have to perform on 3 decks…..he started up a new lesson .

Besides the suncity, he is also involved into the spring festival which was becoming one of the most complex music festivals in that area, 5 days and nights full of electronic artists of all genres and styles. spring04

For the future he will keep on playing as a Dj and will also start to produce more. After having his first appeareance at the 3. Extravaganza Club Cd last hear he wants to release also at his own. The label “ebl music” was founded in 2004 and will start with a down tempo Cd written and produced by Lori J. Ward. The official release night will be the “Techno aus Liebe” night at 21.02.2004 with Chris Liebing in Graz.

Already played at: suncity ( resident), love parade 2001, love bomb 2001/02, spring 1/2/3, Nuke festival 2001, Club Cazin 2001/ 2003..Linz, Nova…Sattledt, Subway…Vienna, Fever….Vienna, Pekarna…Maribor, Club extravaganza – Varazdin, ….