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Christian Fischer

Leipzig, Germany


Abyss Records, Bitshift, Boom Swapp Records
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christian fischer’s – global access, represents the ethos of his ground breaking label -definition records. having captivated audiences across europe for years, fischer going global. if you were one of the lucky guys in 2005 to see him at summer of love, kazaantip, sonne mond sterne or projekt you re probably already hooked!

on the south american tip, christian has been welcomed across brazil as part of his various tours of south America, using native instruments final scratch he has created and captivated thousands of enthused beat driven followers. his legendary sets with brazils home-grown number one master, dj murphy on four decks have become a phenomenon.

in short chrisitian is more than a dj not only by relent lessly stretching himself through innovation on the turntables, or through his creativity as groovy electro producers men of noise, or even through his joint compositions with dj lucca, but through a combination of all these factors.

his dedication is represented in the success of music network bryzant. having started at the tender age of 16, he released his first record on statik entertainment", and now runs his own label definition records he has offered fresh tunes on labels such as stx (joey beltram), mini sketch (david squillace), sway (hertz) and pattern. chris liebing is also working on a remix which will be released imminently making it the 23st release on the unstoppable definition records. christian infuses.

christian going global â?? watch out wherever you are