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DJ Chriskillz has been djing since he was 15 years old. He started out pretty much like every other DJ doing parties, and cookouts for friends and family gatherings, that eventually led to making specialized mixtapes for certain people which in turn led to making mixtapes for the street. DJ Chriskillz has been making mixtapes since mixtapes were being made. We’re talking about 2 turntables and a mic going straight into the tape deck for 60 to 90 minutes non-stop. We’re talking bout scratching, backspinning, blending, all that. Before the exclusives, tracklistings and designer covers came into play. But times sure have changed. We really are living in a digitalized world now and with that came the great opportunity for DJ Chriskillz. Since the internet has been established he has used it to make my presence known on a worldwide scale in the mixtape scene, working with and doing projects with artist as far away as USA, UK and a few others. Over the past few years DJ Chriskillz has done projects and formed great relationships with some of the biggest names in the game as well as the up and coming.

He is a member of the Slip N Slide DJs, Fleet DJs and the All Out Allstars too. Since 2007 DJ Chriskillz has his own radio show on the biggest internet radio station in Germany.