Top 50k on The DJ List

Chris Zander

Frankfurt, Germany


Needful Things


First DJ experiences the 1975 born Chris have on parties of his school, until he got 1993 at the age of 18 years of DJ Pal the supply to organize with him the Omen Afterhour in the Queen’s Pub/Borsdorf. There he plays regularly each Sunday.

From 1994 he had gigs in clubs like the sound factory Aschaffenburg, the Walzmühle Ludwigshafen, the Toxic at Schweinehalle Hanau and in the LOFT club Ludwigshafen.

After the opening of his first Recorstore, the High Noon Records in Hanau first Residents in clubs followed e.g. with the Give em A House series in Frankfurt, the Miguel avenue Frankfurt, the Optic at that time in the Ostparkstrasse 25, the Lunatic club Hanau, the Anyway in Limburg, the Palazzo in Bingen and the Spectrum in Offenbach. Current resident locations are the U60311 in Frankfurt and the Beyond Club in Offenbach.

Additionally he plays since 1996 the Afterhour of the Love Family park, and he played 1999 with Massimo and Sven Vaeth also in the park outside.

Further highlights were the Spoon birthday at Dorian Gray, where his set became to transfer also live in the HR 3 Clubnight, the Time Warp 11, the Liberty One Festival, the Love & Light in Mannheim, the Love Nation in Berlin and each Gig in the U60311 and Spectrum over only some.

At the beginning of 1998 he overtake the Delirium Recordstore in Frankfurt from Joerg Henze, for which he after a short partnership with the Groove publisher Thomas (T.) Koch now is alone responsible. 2002 Delirium was selected now for the second time in consequence by the readers of the Groove Mag to best Recordstore of Germany.

Since December 2000 is the first Chris Zander publication at the stores: lord of sunshine is on Pascal Feos ’ label PV released. In addition comes a Chris Zander Remix of Antony Rother’s “bio mechanics” on PSInet, a Remix of Toni Rios ’ album title track “Danza Electronica” on the label of the same name Danza Electronica, as well as the outroom ep on tritone and the following PV releases, “Five Elements/Groovin ass” and “Money Honey”.

Since December 2002 he is also running his own label needful things records were he released the foreward thinking ep, the two of us ep, the unrelenting ep and the insurrection ep with a great Pascal Feos remix… In 2003 he starts to run his second Label, basic batterns for the more hardgrooving sounds he also likes to play at his DJ-sets.

Since the 10 year old existence of the Delirium he organized 2001 & 2002 the Frankfurt float on the Loveparade, where he plays a six hour set, and for the 10th aniversary of Delirium Frankfurt he started in 2001 a Germany tour with Joerg Henze with clubs like Club 8. Mai, Tresor, Dockland, Triebwerk, Fusion, Distillerie, and more…