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Chris Turner

United Kingdom


Breathemusic, Crystal Source Recordings, Rebirth
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In the current climate of clubland the route to success is so often a cut and paste story. This is not. Now just 27 Chris has spent the last 12 years carving a niche for himself as one of the most respected resident DJs in the UK.

Born and bred a brummie his name has become synonymous with world re-nowned “GODSKITCHEN”. Residing at Godskitchen has meant he has had the chance to spin alongside his idols whilst receiving the nod of approval from some of the best DJs on the circuit. Slowly this recognition is becoming more and more widespread..

His ride to the top has been a steady one based on hard work and talent. His sound is tough house made for the main room at Godskitchen. But his understanding of how to build a night and work a crowd has made him a very valuable asset to Godskitchen. This tough sound is, however, quite a departure from his early days when at the tender age of 15 he spent hours in his bedroom scratchmixing hip hop with his brother. But his journey through the genres has rounded his musical knowledge and enabled him to traverse the boundaries. After gaining the necessary skills with hip-hop he progressed to techno. Having adopted the harder sound he began to get his first bookings in 1991 at Warehouse parties across the country. With rave flourishing and hardcore prevalent Chris immersed himself in the scene as it exploded at the beginning of the 90’s.

By 1995 he was comprehensively working the Birmingham club scene, which was and still is one of the healthiest in the UK. Once he had conquered Birmingham at clubs such as Bakers, Bonds, Steering Wheel and of course Godskitchen he set his sights higher and headed off to Corfu to use the skills he had learnt in a more exotic location. His season in the sun earned him many more industry contacts through his residency at Future in Kavos. Warming up for the big hitters such as Jocelyn Brown, Eddie Lock, Jay X and Roy the Roach was part of his duties for the summer that provided invaluable experience. So with another box firmly ticked he headed back to Birmingham to reclaim the regional crown. And as luck would have it he flew straight back into a residency at the UKs hottest club – Godskitchen at The Sanctuary.

Here he was in charge of the legendary back room where he softened the tempo and created an unforgettable vibe of funky house and classics that added to the appeal of the Birmingham club. He was then moved into the main room for tougher sets and his dedication to Godskitchen really started to pay off. As a musical chameleon Godskitchen enabled him to play around with his sound. To date he has played 99% of all Godskitchen’s events including Milton Keynes and Global Gathering. He was also the headlining DJ of Godskitchen’s student tour in 2001.