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Chris Rockford (DJ/ Producer/Remixer/Turntablelist)

In 1992 Chris Rockford discoveres his interest in mixing and turntableism. Half a year later, he was already part of the National final of the DMC-DJ-Championship.

In the Year 1993 and 1996 Rockford achieved two more titles for being the best DJ of the federal state of Hessen. Several life-shows and a few contacts to the national hip-hop scene were following these titles. At the same time he played every friday in the legendary milk!, Mannheim.

In 1998 the single “Too many Nights” was produced with him for the rapper Lamar. The track even appeared in the national sale charts. Immidietly after this single,he released “Shine” (David’s Song), “Fly” (The Lonly Shepherd) and “My Team plays to win”. At the same time the album “Ghetto Life” by Lamar was also produced.

In 2001 the production company Sugarcube Music was established together with DJ Mike MD. Then they created several remixes for Gloria Gaynor and own productions unter that name.

In 2005 the house project Royal Melody was founded. The first single “Blinded by the Light” reached the top 20 of the dance charts in europe.

In 2006 the track “One Night” appeared in the top 40 of the dance charts. At end of 2006 “Blinded by the Light” was released by Spinnin’ Records in the netherlands. The “Beatfreakz Remix” stormed in the Dutch sales charts right away. From then on Royal Melody have been two etablished and well known DJ’S who should be present at every House Party.

In 2007 Royal Melody enter the Dance Charts with a cover Version of “Love is like Oxygen” orginal by “The Sweet”. In May 2007 the famous Plug & Play" from Paris presents an one hour long mix set from Royal Melody in their legendary Radio Show “The Metropolitan Mix”.

In October 2007 Chris Rockford releases his single “Crush”. The Track exclusively uses the orginal sample of the seven times number one hit performed by Jennifer Paige. The feedback for the track, given by Clubs and DJ..s, is amazing. “Crush” reach in november position no. 2 in the Ministry of Sound charts.

Another highlight will take place in December 2007 Chris Rockford is Live on Air at the Mix Mission of the radio station Sunshine Live. Also Plug & Play and Ministry of Sound radio featuring an one hour solo set.

We are sure he will jump the last hurdle with his forthcoming releases since there are already plans for new singles from Chris Rockford and Royal Melody. More over, there is another start of a promising project with Ford Electro. If Rockford is not fiddling about in the studio, he can usually be found with Mark Reeve in their own irresistible live event CandydeluxĂ© Series. Rockford knows no downtime and if he makes music, nobody can stand still…