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The mountains of Switzerland aren’t the only things peaking there.

Touching the heights of the EDM scene, producer Christian Hirt, one half of the Chris Reece duo, has clocked up more than 70 weeks in the Swiss single chart, producing for others.

Three years ago he felt it was time to change his course and head for success with a new project, Chris Reece. Together with vocalist Luciana Di Nardo, he created the prog-trancy ‘Still Breathin’, a warm and soothing vocal track out on the Pilot 6 imprint. Time for us to take a deep dive into the sounds of this Swiss producer, and see what he’s got set for his Chris Reece project in 2010…

“My goal for the future is probably that Madonna calls me to produce her new record, hahaha!”

Still Breathin’ For now, Chris has to build a name for his own.

But that’s working out just fine. Especially now that his Pilot 6 release ‘Still Breathin’ is out there doing its job. Chris:"I’m still breathing, and I’m still living my life.

The last Chris Reece single, ‘Suave’, was released in summer 2008. It took quite a while to come up with a follow-up, but I finally made it."

If Chris’ steamy hot beats doesn’t do it for you, the soothing vocals of Luciana will.

Chris:“Luciana is a close friend of mine since years. I love her voice, we work regularly on some projects, so to work with Luciana is as if you’d work with someone from your family.”

The track is now available on all major downloadportals, and was released with a remix by Colombian producer Jessus.

For more Armada releases of Chris Reece, all we have to do is wait.

Chris is currently working on his second album, which is scheduled for late 2012.

Stay tuned.