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Chris Niteshake

Thessaloníki, Greece

House, Techno

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Chris Charistas (a.k.a. Chris Niteshake) was born in Dortmund/Germany, the city of the annual & world famous “Mayday dance festival”. He had his first experience with various kinds of dance music in the early years. Music like pop and techno were only the beginning. Impressed by dj shows he attended in his town, he made his first steps in mixing! Collecting records was also one of his favorite hobbies. Therefore it was a matter of time to show his skills in mixing and djing. After 3 years of spinning mostly slow music like low-bap, breaks, soul, funk and black-music in Germany, he came to Greece in order to study Informatics. The all-year summer feeling, the parties, many of his friends who were also djing and his personal interest in listening/ producing/ mixing music made him try the real party music. And that are all kinds of house and techno for the last 6 years!

As DJ he started performing in various bars in Germany and continued playing in the most renowned summer and winter places in Greece (including Venue-Halkidiki, Decadence club, Daluz, Le Noir, Q-club Mylos, Skybar & Daily in Thessaloniki, Almyra & Elvis-Halkidiki and more) & playing alongside artists of national and international caliber like Kosmas Epsilon, Ozgur Can, Andy Moor, Phil Thompson, Elias Tzikas & more. In 2004 he founded the Locked Groove DJs team in cooperation with his mate Stelio-K, trying to push quality deep, tech, and electro house events in his country. Also he got guestings in local radios in Greece (Safari-FM 107.1, Thessaloniki) and international web radio shows (, futuregrooves, pulseradio). Among others, since 2004 he contributes to the greek dance music community with active support in many sections like interviews, promotion, articles, advertisement etc for various media. During this time he met & interviewed artists & dj’s like John Digweed, Nick Warren, Danny Howells, James Holden, Phil Thompson, Anthony Rother, Infusion, Sander Kleinenberg and many others. Also the past 2 years active as a producer, he signed in end of 2004 his first track for Pure Substance Recordings, a remix for Andrew K & Simuck’s Clouds Go By. In June 2005 his remix for Simuck’s “Remember Me” had been picked up by Fiberline Audio as runner up of their remix competition. Artists who support Chris’ tracks are Kosmas Epsilon, the Flash Brothers, Marco V, Ozgur Can, Elias Tzikas, Dumb Dan, Phil Thompson, Stian Klo (Furry Nipples), Andrew K, V-Sag, Terje Bakke, Zama and many more. This time working on his first EP and various remixes.

Chris is mixing for 8 years now, composing his own music, showing up his own style and still contributing in the underground dance-music scene.