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Chris Lawyer

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Chris Lawyer’s succes story is like a real Holywood screenplay ! Everything started at the begining of 2007. The Dj and Producer have proved since then that you don’t have to go to America to fulfill the “American Dream”. His first track (with DJ Thomy) “We gonna feel it” became such a succes that it made them huge stars all over Europe.

Chris is one of the youngest Hungarian DJ.

He became Hungaries superstar who travel so much abroad that he seems to live on airports. From Ibiza till Mikonos everyone plays his tracks. If he have an appearance somewhere he is sure to be recalled in a few months! This is no wonder since at the parties he plays such a heartwarming and really hot house just as his own track “We Gonna Feel It”! The song landed on the top of the radio top charts across Europe (Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Greece , Italy , Hungary)became a huge succes on 2007s Miami WMC , hammered by Bob Sinclair or Roger Sanchez.

This guy never stops working and just keep the magic going all the time. The new single Shine On Me is out for the summer 2008.

He made remix on Turkey’s hit, Hsyn Krdy & Ferhat Göcer feat. Funky C Yalan (with Thomy and Consoul Trainin) which have been played in all of the clubs in Turkey.

„We Gonna Feel It” is still making success. In 2008 Consoul Trainin’s vocal remix rocked the European dancefloors. In 2009 Pornostar Records launched the Remix Contest, more than 150 (!) remixes arrived and winners have been released on all digital stores.

In the same year. Chris and Thomy released ”Fight (For Your Love)” with vocalist Niki Palej. Consoul Trainin and Agent Greg remixed the track and it became the crowds favourite.

In 2010 Chris Lawyer started own carrier and decided to sail on new waters. He made his first minimal track with Ton Def. Track climbed up #36 position on Beatport’s Top 100 Minimal Chart.

Chris Lawyer’s productions have been supported by names like: Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar, David Vendetta, DJ Tekin, Tommyboy, Ahmet Sendil, Emmerson & Honeywell, Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney, Agent Greg, Giorgio Giordano, Lissat & Voltaxx, Popof, Spartaque, Stereo Palma, OtherView, Darin Epsilon, Alex Young and so much more…