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Chris Kaeser was born in France in 1973 from musician parents. He grew up around the music since a young age and composed his first tracks in 1988. All his years working on music finally paid off in 1991 with his first release. From 1998 till 2001, after 10 years of collaboration, Chris and his nephew David Kaeser created 3 labels: Unique, Saturn and Mad Club Records. They released a lot of records under various aliases such as “Computer 3000”, “New Face” or “K’Band”; Tracks which got played worldwide and became instant hits.

In 2004, after taking a few years off, Chris made a strong international come back with a first release under his own name Chris Kaeser called “Black Widow” on Electron Records (one of Pool E Music sub-labels created by Antoine Clamaran and Laurent Pautrat). Chris has had a lot of releases, always on Pool E Music; a first E.P on Voices Records – Nightlife E.P, then Boogie Star / Harmony as well as several remixes like Dj Rooster and Sammy Peralta’s Shake It, Laurent Pautrat’s Circonstances and Funky People’s, Waiting For u.

March 2005, after a trip to Miami Winter Music Conference, pleased by many compliments from international producers, Chris decided to create his own label Unick Records within Pool E Music, which also assures the management and the licensing.

May 2005 the first release is out on Unick; Chris Kaeser and Stephan M –Modulove’s The Sun is Gonna Shine, charted and played by the biggest international names such as Eric Morillo, Benny Benassi, Junior Jack, Harry Choo Choo Romero to name just a few, and ending up N.1 in the DMC World U.S House Chart the first week.

Upcoming new releases are a brand new E.P on Voices Records and the second release on Unick Records, Atomic Control, co-produced with Antoine Clamaran. Today Chris starts moving his music skills to the club scene where you can expect to hear his multiple sounds influences, resolutely dance floor oriented.