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Chris Garcia

Las Vegas, United States


Fullmoon, Serial Records
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After 10 years of playing for the people at some of Europe’s finest clubs, Chris now brings his unique style and sound to the United States.

Living in Las Vegas and traveling the world, he has spun in France, Germany, Spain and North Africa.

His first single “Party Started" and “Devil Expression” will be a dance floor favorite. Chris’s sound can be heard at many of the nightclubs in Vegas such as Risqué @ Paris, OBA @ House of Blues, and of course the legendary after hours at Drais’.

2000: This year Chris creates a group of DJs called ‘S7 Diffusion’ which plays in the largest students parties of the area. He is the exclusive resident of the ‘nurses evenings’ in Montpellier (France) making them hotter than ever. He is noticed and engaged as resident in one of the most famous lounge of Avignon (France) called ‘Red Zone’.

2001: Thanks to his success at the “Red Zone” he becomes recognized and plays now in freelance in some clubs North Africa and Western Europe (Paris, Barcelona, and Djerba). He becomes resident for new a lounge on Arles (France). He is resident at one of the famed clubs of the area called “Toco Loco” in B’ziers (France). He will play later in a brand new club called “L’ Etoile” also in B’ziers!

2002: This year Chris creates with DJ Get Down a new concept of evenings called “Fight Club”. He obtains a residence at the “Toto Loco” in Montpellier (France). He continues to travel to Europe as a freelance. He is taken under license of sponsoring with a new mark of nightwear called “Cindez” and he becomes demonstrator of DJ material at professional fairs for Gemini. Later he will teach his technique to young people in a national DJ school!

2003: Chris continuous his work across Europe and obtains a residence at ‘Le Palma’ in the south of France. The ‘Fight Club’ evenings bring him to the most famous clubs in Europe, but he want to discover other countries and he decide to go to the temple of the night life: Las Vegas!

2004: Chris leaves the France just after the launch of his new single ‘Devil expression Ep’ made with Fred Pellichero and keep in touch with all his actual sponsors as Gemini. He enters in one of the most active events company called ’’. He begins to play in private parties, his French house music style is appreciated and he will not delay to play in the Vegas clubs. He finds a residence for several evening in the week at the Oba, Risqu’ and in the most famous after hours of USA called ’Drai’s’!

2005: He still is an active member of the crew. Thanks to his success in the Vegas clubs he’s called for playing at the Miami Winter Music Conference, in parties and clubs at Los Angeles, Phoenix and at four of the most famous clubs in Chicago!