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Chris Fortier

New York, United States

Progressive House

AKA: Fade

40oz Music, 530Techno, EQ Grey
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Steeped in a background of learning his craft through long sets at his various residencies during his days in Central Florida and later at Twilo in New York , Chris is an old school dj in the truest sense of the word. He has learnt his craft in a way that few DJs can boast. Very few of today’s headline DJ’s can say they know how to build a night from nothing and create an atmosphere at any point in the nights festivities. However, Chris Fortier is one of the few that can.

With the seemingly never-ending world tour still in effect from last year’s release of the critically acclaimed “Bedrock: Compiled and Mixed” compilation, Chris is a headline act in his own right, he continues to travel to every corner of the globe in the last 12 months including residencies at The Cross in London and Plexi in New York. Chris is no longer a name just on the U.S. stage, but on the world stage.

Even with being constantly on tour, Chris production career has never been healthier as he embarks on a solo career alongside his continuing work as Fade. The summer has seen the release of “Whateveritis” a slice of big room house directed at those that choose to pidgeonhole every genre of dance music. The follow up, “Believe” has been road tested for the past few months while on tour and looks set for a release in the coming months, along with the unreleased “Losing Wait” and remixes of Kristine W, Lovesky and PQM.

Currently residing in New York , Chris’ roots can be traced to the early nineties in Orlando , Florida , where he was spotted by DJ Icey and quickly thrown in by Kimball Collins as resident at the infamous “Aahz”. These visionary and legendary nights served as a platform to bring Sasha and John Digweed to America for the first time, and establish an " Orlando " sound that would become synonymous with clubbers and DJs alike for years to come.

As one of the pioneer DJ of the US circuit, Chris was one of the first to travel the country, playing in cities like Atlanta , Charlotte , Washington and Boston when they were in their infancy. This continued as new markets in Central America and Canada began to appear making him one of the most travelled DJs in the States. In 2000, after his move to New York , he joined the infamous Twilo as one of their residents, playing alongside Dave Seaman for the club’s successful bi-monthly Saturday events. To support his constant touring, Chris was one of the first to release a compilation CD in the States, a typically original move at the time and has realised five more in the space of the last six years.

Keen to build the production side of his career, Chris started Fade Records in 1995 and released his first double A sided single “For All the People/ All I Got” under the production name of Fade with his one time surf competitor, Neil Kolo. The Fade sound quickly defined the era and the fashionable progressive Orlando sound. A long-term record deal from the UK and remixes for BT, Sam Mollison, Space Brothers, and Future Force followed over the next few years.

In 1998 while submitting a Sarah Mclachlan bootleg of “Plenty” (which was subsequently released in 2001) to her record label, Chris was offered a remix of a Delerium track called “Silence”. The remix created a frenzy with such limited quantities being pressed by the label. Eventually succumbing to the demands of the general public after it’s inclusion on Northern Exposure 3, and the buzz it created with DJs like Dave Seaman and Sasha opening and closing their sets with it, the label released it to discover a worldwide chart hit, with it hitting number one in four countries including Australia.