Born on 22nd of February 1981, in Malta, Chris started DJing back in 2003 and the story of how he got there is an interesting and very curious one indeed. Back in summer 2003 during one of the infamous nights at Numero Uno in Ta Qali, Chris together with some friends decided to start organizing events, which were then baptized – TwentyFourSeven. These used to be held very Friday night at Qube – The Vodka Bar in Paceville, and later on at Bar Karoo in Valletta (ex R1 Club) for a short period of time. Late in Septeber 2003, during one of the mentioned night, the warm up Dj who was supposed to open up the night called in sick just a few hours before we started, and obviously had no time to find a replacement on such short notice. Chris being the main promoter of the night, and not wanting to disappoint all the regulars who would you usually go to Qube, decide to give it a shot at DJing and without knowing that that would be the start of his new and brilliant career, he stepped in the DJ for the first time in his life! This was on Friday 19th September 2003. A couple of weeks later, he got a phone call from the management at Qube, where they were requesting to meet up to discuss further the possibility of Chris playing regularly at their club. Another week passed by and Chris Ellul became the warm up resident at Qube , playing there every weekend (Friday and Saturday) warming up for local DJ/Producer Toby (EMI records) Chris says: Way back in 2003 when I started DJing, I used to play a lot of commercial pop / dance music and I was not the first time that I also played some R&B sets, as since my sets were warm-ups for the DJ TOBY, you always need to start on something easy listening, and then get the night pumping later on. I was ok with it, but after a couple of months I was getting bored of playing this style of music as its not something I like listening to. So I decided to take up some lessons and I also got myself a set of decks and mixer so I could practice at home, whenever I felt like This was the 1st turning point in his career as by that time, he had shifted completely to house music. By means of his master Markus Lauri (who was teaching him all the basics and fundamentals for the business) and with DJ/producer Toby (who helped him break the ice when it came to playing in front of a crowds) but most of all his best friend DJ Melkim (who is the person who is always there, no matter what, be it music or be it life), Chris Ellul is the great person and one of the most promising emerging talents on the island. Its thanks to these people (and the Qube management) that I am what I am today! I have learnt so much from these people, even by just sitting there and watch them play, that I must say I owe it all to them, Chris comments, however, I dont copy people as I believe that to be successful in life you need to be original. I learnt a great deal from all the people around me, but I always try to apply what I learn to what I am, and that, for me is what makes us all unique! Chris has been a resident at Qube for the past 3 years now and with his energetic and pumping sets he has changed the place, in terms of music and in terms of the crowd so much, that it is no longer considered to be just a bar, but for the people who go there, and also newcomers, its an excellent alternative hangout place for all Maltese clubbers Imagine a larva and the process it takes in turning into a beautiful butterfly! Now take that concept and imagine it was a club! Personally, my 3 year residency at Qube has been, first and foremost amazing, but also extremely satisfying, as from a club hardly know to anyone, nowadays every one knows what were all about, and what vibe we transmit to our crowd!? "2006 has been a tremendous year for me… Going back to being a promoter (forming part of CLASH PROMOTIONS together with my partner Chris “Shannon” Azzopardi), as well as keeping up my regular Dj sets @ Qube, time has become very limited. Last summer we launched our now infamous Fu*Me (originally this was meant to be Fuck Me :P ) Wenzdayz night which, to our surprise, was a massive success as we had only 2 weeks to get the ball rolling…and we managed this with flying colours! Following that success we were approached by Qube management to take care of Friday nights in Autumn / Winter 06/07 and we took up the challenge once again! 3 months from the opening party of Fu*Me Fridayz our nights keep getting bigger and bigger….thanks to all the special Guest Dj’s we invited over to perform, but most of all to the crowd who made it happen! Watch out for Chris Ellul live in the mix every Friday and Saturday @ Qube , from 12am onwards and stand by for the Winter 2007 schedule ; its gonna be massive!