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Chris Dee

Tournai, Belgium


AKA: Smart Dog

Baccara, Kolour Recordings Digital, Soul Shift Music
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CHRIS DEE was born in Brussels in 1967, and since he was 4 years old, he was seriously into his music. At the age of 16, along with a childhood friend STEPH AKENAN (from the MACKENZIE Label), they decided to take things more seriously, so they set out djing together. They began to mix all different styles of music like funk (SHALAMAR, WHISPER, KOOL & THE GANG) with the likes of NEON JUDGMENT, all the New Wave groups from the period, alongside some more commercial tunage. They didn’t really have a particular style because for these guys the pleasure was in mixing up an eclectic playlist of tunes to keep their friends entertained. It was all about creating a party vibe, and uplifting the peeps as much as possible, an ethos CHRIS has managed to hold onto firmly to this day.

In 1988, aged 21, (as new beat-fuelled music was just coming out) CHRIS began to diversify towards Deep House and House music in general, with the likes of FARLEY JACKMASTER FUNK and the tunage of BOCCACCIO (a friend of CHRIS’ OLIVER PIETERS based in Ghent, Belgium, produced this stuff) heavily influencing what he was playing. Throughout this time, CHRIS played at private parties and some clubs throughout Belgium. He played at the likes of OUTLINE, CARAT after-club parties, and then had a residency at MILKY WAY. His next residency was at the exclusive HYATT REGENCY Hotel on Avenue Louise in Brussels, and things have gone from strength to strength from then. Since 2002 in particular he has been extremely busy, djing-wise, and manages to devote all his time to music right now. He has built up his profile to such an extent that now he is regularly asked to appear at organized parties, and clubs, around Belgium and France, with some gigs further afield in the likes of London, and other European cities.

Recently, having caught the eye of the editor of well-known men’s fashion magazine, COVER, he became the house DJ for the publication, and further grew his reputation with their notorious parties organized in Belgium’s biggest House clubs along with the honorable DJ MISS LUV. CHRIS has additionally become known on the French scene since he was invited to play a guest slot in Lyon on the DEEP LINE program hosted by KRISPAGLIA on Radio PLURIEL. Since 2002, he has also taken part in a plethora of huge events such as LE GAZON (an open air weekly summer fest through out the night each summer weekend at Park Royal, Brussels), CITY PARADE (an Annual Mardi Gras festival), THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL alongside MARSHALL JEFFERSON, as well as an appearance at the last BEDROCK night in Louvain, Belgium, a couple of months back.

He has a hectic net-radio schedule too, with weekly shows on MAXXIMA.ORG (Tuesday 2200-0000), TOKYMA.FM (Tuesday + Thursday 2200-0000), LIVE SETS.COM (Wednesday 2100-2300), WARM.FM (Thursday 1900-2000), VMIXONLINE.NET (Friday 1500-1700), ELECTRO ONE (Saturday 1900-2100), and he also makes some appearances on the Paris-based MEDIAGONG at times too. How anyone can keep this amount of weekly shows up is anybodies guess!

As CHRIS puts it, “My style has materialized….” and he now wants to bring his flavors and vibes to the broader audience with his own House and Deep House tracks. He has started producing tunage, under the moniker of SMART DOG in the same, almost New York style, as his dj sets, and we have been enjoying some of those tunes of late. Our cd player is still warm to the sounds of CHRIS DEE!! Recently he has set up his own label, SOIF DE HOUSE to release some of these productions. Two EPs have been put out, and they are now distributed digitally through BEATPORT, NUFONIX, STOMPY, and NEO MUSIC. There is the prospect of other labels releasing his tunes in the near future too, including the Paris-based house label CHOCOFLASH who are premiering some of CHRIS’ tunage soon. More news about releases as we get it. For now lets enjoy his seamless, and soulful djing skillz. Welcome to the sound of DJ CHRIS DEE.