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Chris Dave

Bucharest, Romania

Chris Dave Beatport

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Chris Dave is a Romanian DJ and house music producer. He is the newest artist to sign with Mayavin Records Romania. His mission is to share the ultimate party music through his hard work and years of experience that he built as a DJ for the last 15 years in Romania and alongside Edward Maya touring across the world in the last two years during the “ This Is My Life Tour “.

A native of Buftea – a small city near Bucharest, Romania , he first started playing out in all well-known clubs in Bucharest. Discovered by the CEO of Mayavin Records Label – Edward Maya , Chris Dave released in 2011 his first single “I Have A Dream” as a part of the label’s “Got Talent?” campaign, signing him to a stateside deal.

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s motivational and inspiring “ I Have A Dream” speech, Chris Dave is searching to reach the perfect combination between the hypnotic house beats and the powerful energy behind Martin Luther King Jr’s speech with the release of his official first single as an artist “I Have A Dream”.

As a Dj and producer, he makes music that echoes in all the clubs in Bucharest. He is trying to break the line between the underground music business and the international one with the help of Mayavin Records. He is currently working on his first studio album in collaboration with the Mayavin Records Team with a release date set for the year of 2012.

During an interview with one of Romania’s top music magazines Chris Dave said: "I’m always mixing, experimenting with different loops and vocals in the search for that unique element that will set the club on fire, and all I could ever ask is to see people having a great time dancing to my music, because nothing pleases me more than that. "

As plans for the future, Chris Dave is looking to release the video for his first single “ I Have A Dream” in the upcoming months and he’s already working on his second single and album.