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Chris (Cy)

Rotterdam, Netherlands


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Started in his hometown at the age of 15 DJ.Chris liked music and followed that path disregarding the odds back then , he started sacrificing a lot in order to do what he loveddidn’t matterif it was live or recorded from the frequency of a radio station or within a club, in the end his move paid off , he succeeded to have his own Residency at Club Pregio and a weekly 2 hour set on a local radio station (Aktina Radio), he soon realized that music was more to him than anything else , till this day he considers Dee Jay-ing a hobby but also something that he loves above anything else . His Experience includes all kind of music as he says‘’there is a musicgenre for every occasion’’ .

In the late 90’s he was known for his taste in music and mixes , with a different tone than usual suspects DJ.Chris preferred good tracks rather than (commercial ones). After having a break for his military obligations, he returned to find himself back on track . After a year or so he started listening to more and more uplifting tracks ending up in adding them to his sets , in 2000 he played alongside Tiesto and that was it, do an opening act for the best DJ of the world as Tiesto is was a groundbreaking experience that also made DJ.Chris known to the Dutch Trance fans.

In order to finish his studies DJ.Chris moved to Rotterdam , The Netherlands . After a year of hard studying and attending concerts and events as all students do , he started connecting and playing in more and more events , from clubs in Rotterdam to great events like Heineken Dance Parade, Dance Valley, Trance Dee Jay’s @ Heineken Hall and many others he soon had a busy schedule with gig’s all over .

After finishing his studies DJ.Chris moved to Greece and then to Cyprus to work in his profession but he never forgot his love for music and Dee Jay-ing . In 2010 he was awarded one of the Top 100 DJ’s in the world , nowadays having a lot of his own remixes from well known tracks as he prefers Dee Jay-ing than producing he plays in gig’s all over the world from Cyprus to Netherlands and from U.S.A to Singapore DJ.Chris continues his magical journey into the world of music.